We will protect your savings, preserve your wealth, and develop a diversified portfolio balancing strategy to mitigate risk.

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Our Services

Investment Management Services

With all the advisory firms to choose from, and banks to consider, trust Lionsgate Investments, based in Virginia, to handle your investment and wealth management.  Our clients stay with us because of our personal one-on-one approach, and our internal knowledge base, both of which combine to create an effective solution offering the best guidance to our clients.

Lionsgate Investments’ management options include common investing techniques (such as equity management) as well as less common investment strategies, so that your portfolio is more diversified.  We can provide financial planning alone, or include it as part of an overall financial management package to you.  We will protect your savings, preserve your wealth, and develop a diversified portfolio balancing strategy to mitigate risk while considering long-term achievements.

Highest Quality Equity Management

We focus on proven companies using a thorough analysis, rather than complex financial forecasts in our equity management philosophy.  This down-to-earth approach ensures success is the simplest of ways.  If you’re seeking lower volatility, this management approach is the perfect fit for you.

Fixed Income

Lionsgate Investments is different from many other investment firms because we truly know that the fixed income part of a client’s investment portfolio is extremely important requiring much attention.  We can manage both taxable and/or tax-exempt bond investments, and take the necessary due diligence supporting the bonds in your portfolio.

Alternative Financial Strategies

Alternative investments are outside the normal asset categories of stocks, cash, or bonds.  Our management group believes that these alternatives provide important diversification strategies to a client’s financial portfolio, including consistency of returns in various market cycles. We include alternatives to enhance the durability of your wealth.

Mutual Funds Strategies

We have a variety of wealth management options, including management of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and Mutual Funds.  Our investment strategy focuses on long-term returns and provides a thorough analysis based on risk characteristics, expenses ratio, and other factors.  We target the best funds within preferred markets for our clients.